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after we make up
on my ear lobe
black mascara

dense fog
I write my name
on the airport window

for me leaving
for you staying
two autumns

my coat dripping
two hours in the rain
without you

making up a quarrel
apparently ashamed
to be the first to smile

leaving you
in the crowded train

not knowing what to say
he mails only
the envelope

she cant read
he cant write
yet between them a romance

early morning voices
and the scent of you
half a pillow away

Manu Bazzano

2:53 μ.μ.
Blogger street spirit είπε ...

πάει ασορτί με τον καιρό και τη διάθεσή μου... thanks ;)    

9:32 μ.μ.
Blogger Τυπος Νυχτερινος είπε ...

Κι εμένα το ίδιο, στριτ.
Να σαι καλά.    

10:53 π.μ.
Blogger παπαρούνα είπε ...

και μένα μ'άρεσε πολύ    

9:57 μ.μ.
Blogger CD είπε ...


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